Guernica: Then and Now


Guernica, is the large mural painted by Pablo Picasso in the spring of 1937. The painting is an abstract depiction of the tragedy of the bombing of the Basque town of Guernica, by the nazi Condor Legion on April 27, 1937. It is a monstrous black and white composition, featuring contorted humans and animals in a painful turmoil, symbolizing the evil and tragic effects of war. As it was created in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, to be displayed in an international arena, the Paris World’s Fair of 1937, from its inception, Guernica was a polemic icon of antiwar ideals and peace efforts. In recent years, images from Guernica have been used in activist movements and mobilizations against the War in Iraq. In my research i hope to track Guernica from its genesis to the present and uncover its legacy which has landed it prominence as a symbol in modern cultural politics.