Guernica: Then and Now


August 10, 2009 by calesser · 1 Comment

Me and the Guernica mural in Guernica, Spain

The purpose of this blog is to share my findings as I conduct research on Picasso’s masterpiece,¬†Guernica, and its significance from its inception, during the Spanish Civil War, to now, in modern cultural politics.

This research builds upon a previous funded research project I participated in last semester, Mapping Memory in Madrid (

This semester (Fall 2009), while I study abroad in Sevilla, Spain, I hope to take advantage of the many resources available on Guernica, in Spain, through visits to exhibitions, access to related literature, and interviews with experts in related fields.

Next semester (Spring 2010), as I return to William and Mary, I plan to organize and expand upon my findings for future use.

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  • josie bland // Nov 8th 2009 at 2:48 am

    am intrigued by your research. I am doing something similar for a PhD on Guernica today. I am exploring the work as high art, as political pawn, as political influence and as popular culture. Perhaps we could share research and/or ideas?